Vicky Phelan to meet Charlie Bird and partner Monday as she sends lovely message

Vicky Phelan and Charlie Bird will be meeting up on Monday, the brave campaigner revealed on Twitter.

RTE broadcaster Bird praised Vicky in his Late Late Show appearance for her attitude towards her cancer battle.

And Vicky has replied on Twitter, saying: “I have just now watched back Charlie Bird’s @charliebird49 interview with Ryan on last night’s @RTELateLateShow

“I so wanted to tune in last night but I was in a hotel room with my two kids… What can I say except Bravo Charlie…

“You were so vulnerable sharing so openly the terror of living with a disease that you know is going to take everything from you – your voice, your swallow, your mobility…yet your love of life, family and friends shone through. I have no doubt that you brought comfort to so many.

“And I really hope that you get comfort from all the love and support that is being sent your way from all over Ireland. Looking forward to meeting you and Claire on Monday.”

Charlie himself has revealed he cried after appearing on the Late Late Show, but they were tears of happiness.

The former RTE broadcaster has been diagnosed with MND and opened up to Ryan Tubridy and the nation about how he has been since the shocking news.

Vicky Phelan and ex-husband Jim

And Bird said he cried this morning after such an emotional night with his family – while making a promise if he makes it to the Spring.

The star tweeted: “Yes I cried this morning but they were tears of joy at the overwhelming support I received for my Late Late Show appearance. If I am still mobile in the Spring I will climb Croagh Patrick to highlight MND and other terminal illnesses. Your all invited to join me.I love you all.”

Charlie Bird appeared with his wife Claire on the Late Late Show.
Charlie Bird appeared with his wife Claire on the Late Late Show.

Charlie was joined on the Late Late Show couch by his wife, Claire, and spoke about what keeps him going, how long he expects to live and the one thing he wants to achieve before he dies.

He made one “final wish” on the show that we look after everybody who is ill and sick in our healthcare system.

“There are thousands of people waiting for hospitals, operations, for everything,” he said. “They’re all facing the same challenge in a way as me.

“All I ask is that as a country, as a people, we make sure that we look after everybody who is here and sick.

“It would be my final wish that we do that as a country for everybody.”

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