If you think it’s your grandfather’s road, he may have something to say about that, Latest Singapore News

You think this is your grandfather’s road?

Err, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) believes grandpa may have something to say about that.

It has put out a video on rules for cyclists and motorists, with a storyline built around this common Singaporean expression of annoyance with a fellow road user.

Utter the words, and poof, there’s gramps popping up next to you.

That’s what happens to the two in the video, who then get a lesson on how cyclists and motorists should share road space, especially with new rules coming into force next month.

The two seniors proceed to impart “some good ol’ grandpa wisdom”.

These are among the rules the two grandfathers teach:

  • Cyclists should keep to the far left of the road where possible.
  • And if you are driving, never assume a cyclist can always do so. For instance, there may be some obstruction, like a fallen branch sticking out on to the road.
  • If there is such an obstruction, cyclists should stick out their right hand, to indicate they have to move right.
  • Motorists who are passing cyclists should leave a minimum gap of 1.5m between their vehicle and the cycle. This means they have to treat it like passing another motor vehicle.
  • If you are driving, remember to turn on headlights after 7pm, and if you are cycling, wear bright, easily visible clothes on the road.
  • There should be no more than five cyclists in a group riding single file or 10 riding abreast on the roads.
  • And there should be a minimum distance of 30m between groups of cyclists.
  • Cyclists are not allowed to ride abreast on single-lane roads or during bus-lane hours.

So stick to the rules, and remember, don’t give grandpa a bad name on the road.

You can watch the LTA video here:

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