Ex RTE producer Kieran Creaven was lone wolf predator as he carried out sick crimes

Former RTE producer Kieran Creaven was a lone wolf predator as he carried out sick child abuse crimes, the Irish Mirror can reveal.

Gardai who investigated the monster established no links to any paedophile ring and said he was “acting on his own”.

Creaven, who was caged for 10 years last week for sexually abusing and exploiting young children, used social media to target up to 100 kids.

A source said: “The investigation undertaken for the crimes which this man was later convicted of did not find any links to any paedophile ring.

“Detectives found that in these instances, he was acting on his own.

“If new information came to light, like any other allegation regarding this man, it would be fully and thoroughly investigated.”

Gardai also found Creaven did not use any RTE electronic equipment while committing his crimes.

He carried out his offences over a 10-year period in Ireland, the UK and the Philippines until he was arrested
by after a paedophile hunter sting in Leeds in 2017.

The gardai investigation revealed how Creaven tried to make contact with almost 100 children online.

Most did not engage after initial exchanges, but he had significant online contact with six children based here in Ireland, two yet to be identified.

In 2014, he travelled to the Philippines and was filmed as he sexually abused a young girl twice. A baby was also present on a bed in the room. They have also not been identified yet.

He was interviewed by gardai at the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise but refused to help cops in tracking down his victims.

Well-paid Creaven paid for others to abuse children as he watched online.

The probe uncovered he had been communicating with women online via Skype Messenger.

He sent money to those women who provided children for him to sexually exploit in exchange for payment via Moneygram, Paypal and Western Union.

Gardai identified the names and addresses of these women and this information was shared with the Philippine National Police who carried out a number of searches over there.

They rescued five victims, two girls aged nine and 12, and three boys, aged five months, seven and eight years old.

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