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As a low-lying island state situated in the tropics, Singapore is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. To deal with these critical challenges the country launched the Singapore Green Plan 2030 – a nation-wide movement geared towards reducing carbon footprint and strengthening the city’s resilience against the effects of extreme weather.

But these efforts cannot be undertaken by government agencies or scientists alone. Individuals and businesses can contribute towards climate action. And this brand new series proves that it’s not that hard.

Over 5 episodes, we visit 15 Singapore towns to identify knowledge gaps and debunk misconceptions about living sustainably. We then set residents on challenges, designed to correct behaviours and change mindsets. By learning to embrace green practices, they take the first steps towards transforming their lives and the future of the planet.

We show that while sustainability should be taken seriously, it can also be fun, with the power to bring families, friends and the community closer together.

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