Covid pandemic bonus: Changes to payment ‘will see some workers receive €600 instead of €1,000’

A change has been made to the upcoming pandemic bonus that will reportedly see some workers miss out on the full €1,000 payment.

In recent weeks, there have been debates around how to roll out the payment in a fair manner, which has resulted in a major delay to its delivery.

The payment was promised in recognition of Ireland’s frontline staff who continued to work at the height of the pandemic, and a likely payment date has now been earmarked for the month of June.

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Healthcare workers who were on the frontline during the early parts of Covid-19 are still in line for a €1,000 tax-free bonus, however only if they meet certain conditions.

According to a report in the Irish Independent, the latest draft proposals say staff must have worked in a ‘Covid-exposed environment’ to be eligible.

Meanwhile, anyone who worked less than 60% of full-time hours – including retired staff and students – is now expected to be eligible for an alternative €600 bonus – a 40% drop from the previously promised amount.

It is understood that only employees who worked 60% or more of the expected full-time hours will be due to get the full €1,000 payment.

As well as this, full-time hours will have to have been worked by frontline staff for at least four weeks to actually qualify.

Unions have said the payment will take weeks to process and so many people will not receive the bonus until the end of June.

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