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The form figures preceding his name paint a dismal picture.

At his last four outings, Water Rocket has been a damp squib.

He was ninth of 12 last September. 

Following that, he plodded home last, again in a field of 12.

He was fifth in a race last November and, last time on Nov 27 – which was the final racing day of the 2021 calendar – he again finished in last place.

It spells disaster. But Water Rocket is better than that.

He seems to have perked up in 2022 and looks on track for an improved showing in his debut race for the season.

Indeed, Water Rocket was one of the more prominent workers on the training track at Kranji yesterday morning.

With jockey A’Isisuhairi Kasim up in the hot seat, he ran the 600m in a swift 36.9sec.

It makes you wonder. Has trainer Ricardo Le Grange turned his form around? 

Can we expect a winning show on Saturday?

Well, that is being really optimistic. But a really good run is not out of the question.

Aside from that workout, Le Grange has been dogged in his preparation for Water Rocket’s return.

Three times in the last month, he sent his charge to the trials and, at every hit-out, the “Rocket” lived up to his name.

Take that last one, which was as recent as last Thursday.

Wong Chin Chuen had control of the reins and the in-form hoop sent the five-year-old to the front where he shared the lead with Boy Xander.

Hugging the paint for all of the trip, he claimed the trial at the top of the straight. He cleared away to beat the very talented Minister by almost 11/2 lengths.

That day, Water Rocket broke the one-minute mark, covering the Polytrack 1,000m in 59.94sec.

Yes, on his current form figures, Water Rocket would not fit into the winner’s league.

But he is doing everything right. Come Saturday, it could pay to have a token riding on the jockey wearing the silks of Alfredo Crabbia. Yes, he of Rocket Man fame.

While Water Rocket will be contesting the Class 4 sprint over the Poly 1,200m, Tangible will feature in the main race on the card – the Class 3 stayers’ event over the Poly 1,700m.

From Michael Clements’ yard, Tangible ran 600m in 39.9sec.

It was an easy sprint in the cool of the morning and Clements would have been pleased.

Tangible is a horse on the up.

That last win in the middle of last month had the mark of a stayer stamped all over it.

Ridden by the season’s leading jockey Manoel Nunes, he stamped his authority on the field. He came from off a midfield spot to power home over the challenging 2,000m.

For his connections – he races in the colours of Lucky Stable – it made up for the disappointment of seeing him finish second in his two previous outings.

Tangible is a horse going places.

That last win was not going to be his last in the pure sense of the word.

If anything, it could continue what has been a good run.

Two wins, four seconds and a couple of third placings from all of a dozen starts is the stuff owners dream about.

Tangible has the form and the fire to bring that dream to fruition.

Also from the training track, there was Renzo.

Another one being prepared by Le Grange, he worked well and should give a good account of himself in the Class 4 (1) sprint over the Poly 1,100m.

Renzo comes into the race with form figures which read: 2-2-3-3-4.

His last win was an all-the-way affair in early November.

He is back in a winnable sort of race and it would surely be something to see the colours worn so prominently by ol’ favourite Rocket Man win two on Saturday.

Yesterday’s Kranji gallops:

CLASS 3 – 1,700M 
Tangible H 39.9.
Preditor (M Kellady) 38.4.
Leatherhead (J Bayliss) barrier/35.5.
Strong N Best (S John) 44.4.
Monday: Pennywise H 
(K A’Isisuhairi) 38. On Line H 39.4.

CLASS 4 – 1,200M 
Limited Editon (O Chavez) 35.9.
The August 40.9. 
Water Rocket H (A’Isisuhairi) 36.9.
Eagle Eye H 38.6.    
Chivalric Knight H
(M Nunes) 36.8.
Aftermath H (I Amirul) 37.3.
Seson (Chavez) 37.8.
Nate’s Champion H 39.7.

CLASS 4 (1) – 1,100M 
Romantic H canter/pace work.
Renzo H (K A’Isisuhairi) 38.7.
Doc Hudson 34.9.
Bizar Wins H (CC Wong) 38.5.
Flak Jacket 37.4.
The Brotherhood (Chavez) 38.5.

CLASS 4 (2) – 1,100M 
Kiss Your Song H (Kellady) 44.5.
Sacred Suite (R Shafiq) 40.4.
Revolution (I Saifudin) 43.6.
Wind Of Dubai H 
(A’Isisuhairi) gallop.
Fabu (TH Koh) 37.9.
Resolution (L Beuzelin) 35.5.

CLASS 5 – 1,700M 
Fort Mustang (Chavez) 36.8.
Hosayliao H (John) 37.7.
Poroshiri H canter/pace work.
Anyway (Saifudin) canter/37.3.
Bebop H canter/pace work.
Red Riding Wood (M Ewe) 41.2.
Footstepsonthecar (S Shafrizal) canter/40.2. 
Endless (Wong) 41.6.
Scooter (M Zaki) 35.5.
Roman Classic 38.2.

CLASS 5 (1) – 1,200M 
Crystal Dragon canter/pace work.
Runminderbinderrun 38.3.
Conflagrance H (Chavez) 37.7.
Golden Dash H (T Krisna) 38.7.
Zygarde canter/39.5.
Crown Gift (B Woodworth) 37.7.
Despacito H39.5.
Per Incrown (Koh) 36.4.
Tigarous (Wong) 41.1.

CLASS 5 (2) – 1,200M 
Galaxy Star H (Zaki) 37.3.
Whistle Grand H (Nunes) 37.5.
Huntsman (M Lerner) canter/44.2.
Gamely (Bayliss) 40.9.
See Yah (Chavez) 37.9.
High Voltage (Koh) 38.5.
One World (Ewe) barrier/35.2.
One Way Ticket (Saifudin) 36.6.
Big Day H36.6.
Sportscaster (Amirul) 36.1.

CLASS 5 (3) – 1,200M
Big Fortune 44.5. 
The Wild Prince (Koh) 37.1.
Anpanman 36.5.
Auspicious Day 37.6.

CLASS 5 – 1,000M
Healthy Star (Chavez) 37.8.
Hyde Park H 42.1.
Konan H (Beuzelin) pace work/gallop. 
Wawasan H (Nunes) 35.4.
Super Posh H37.7.
Beer Garden H (M Akmazani) gallop/fast in the straight.
Super Generous (Koh) 35..1
Our Secret Weapon H 
(Wong) 40.3.
Fiddlestick (Beuzelin) 36.6.

MAIDEN – 1,600M 
Ace Sovereign H42.8.
Chipmunks (Shafiq) canter/42.1.
Golden Tiger (Woodworth) 37.5.
Qiji Auston (Bayliss) 38.8.
Bright Future canter/38.5.
Flaming Kirin (Zaki) 37.1.
Qilin Top Form canter/38.8.
City Hall H (A’Isisuhairi) 37.5.
Lim’s Dreamwalker H 37.8.
Anara H (Beuzelin) 39.6.

MAIDEN – 1,200M
Flashfast 38.2. Wan Legacy 40.6.
Big Green Hat H (Kellady) 37.1.
Mighty Vain 36.1.
Fighting Hero (Shafiq) 45.4.
Super Incredible (A’Isisuhairi) 38.1.
Sugar Rush (Wong) 41.1.
Raging Brave H 35.6.

Watery H (Kellady) 38.6.
Liebestraum (Lerner) 38.1.
Silent Is Gold H (Wong) 42.2.
Healthy Baby 37.2.
Kinabalu Prince (Ewe) 34.9.
Outfit (Kellady) 39.9.
Romance Love All pace work.
Surrey Hills H (Chavez) 42.9.
The Star 40.1.
Mr Pacino (WH Kok) 39.5. 
Dixit Dominus H (Beuzelin) 39.4.

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