John Kierans: You’d be forgiven for thinking Nazis are alive and well with scenes in Ukraine – John Kierans

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Nazis are alive and well and running amok killing innocent civilians in Ukraine.

The sight of dead bodies scattered along the streets of Bucha, on the outskirts of the capital Kyiv was truly sickening.

At least 400 were murdered in a callous act of genocide and many buried in a mass grave.

Some had their hands tied behind their back and were shot in the head.

In another incident five women had been raped, murdered and their remains set on fire.

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Many corpses had been lying there decaying for weeks. The perpetrators are not troops from Third Reich but Vladamir Putin’s Russia.

His soldiers may be young but they are nothing but animals. In fact, animals wouldn’t do this.

The Kremlin’s denial of the atrocities is a joke. It claimed the gruesome pictures and TV footage shown all over the world were fake news, orchestrated by Ukraine for the western media. You really have to stop and wonder what planet are the Russians on.

Putin’s evil regime, just like Adolf Hitler’s, is detached from all reality.

There is no respect for life. It is a case of victory at all cost.

The only way to deal with Moscow is for the West to hit them good and hard.

The people of Ukraine need to be given their own missile defence system, more aircraft, and the weapons to attack targets inside Russia to let the Kremlin know they are not untouchable.

Poland is now asking NATO for nuclear weapons to be placed on its land. Who can blame them?

Ukraine had the biggest array of nuclear weapons in the world and gave them up in the interest of peace to please its monstrous neighbour.

If they still had this arsenal now Russia would never have invaded in the first place.

This war is sadly going to get worse before it gets better and the death toll will grow ever higher.

Western governments are terrified mad Vlad will go nuclear, but you can’t live your life in fear. Nobody in their right mind wants World War Three but how long can the West and NATO keep turning a blind eye to Putin’s thirst for more power, more territory and more bloodshed.

There is certainly no appetite for military involvement in the United States.

Every American I speak to – and they are mostly Democrats by the way – say they are finished fighting wars all over the world and while they are prepared to support Ukraine with sanctions, weapons and supplies, that’s it.

Europe really for the first time in decades is fighting this one on its own.

Here in Ireland we like US President Joe Biden because of his Irish roots. However, his popularity at home is at rock bottom.

Many Americans say he is far too old and is inflaming the situation with Putin by his off the cuff remarks demanding he be removed from office.

They believe that while you might think it, you don’t say it.

Many say they would prefer if he retired and left office and let Kamala Harris take over in the White House.

The fuel crisis has also not helped with the cost of a gallon of petrol soaring from two dollars last year to five.

Putin’s forces are now retreating from the capital Kyiv and the north to try and keep the south and eastern parts of Ukraine.

The lands they hold will be his leverage in any future peace negotiations.

But before he gets to reaching any face-saving deal the evil Russian dictator will do everything to reduce every last piece of Ukraine to rubble.

My heart goes out to these poor people.

We must continue all over Europe to help them as much as we can. Russia must not be allowed to win.

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