Malaysian cycles 135km from S’pore to Batu Pahat – because petrol prices are too high, Latest Singapore News

As tens of thousands of Malaysians poured across the Singapore border after it reopened last week, Mr Mars Ong decided he wasn’t going to take the conventional mode of transport back to his hometown.  

Instead, he elected to cycle some 135km to his home in Batu Pahat. 

The 40-year-old, an avid cyclist, shared details of his journey on Facebook group, Singapore-Malaysia VTL travel exchange zone.

According to his post, petrol prices had become “too expensive” and so he decided to cycle home to save on petrol costs.

All he needed was his passport, he said.

According to China Press, Ong had begun his journey around 7am and arrived home around 1pm.

His family, who was expecting his return, did not know he was cycling back and found his actions “crazy”.

Even a Malaysian immigration officer was shocked to hear of Mr Ong’s exploits. 

Including breaks, Mr Ong’s journey took just over five hours. He had stopped at Pontian for a meal, and made several other pit stops to rest and rehydrate.

He also made sure to dabao some fried carrot cake for his wife.

Mr Ong is no stranger to cycling long distances, having participated in cycling events and competitions before the pandemic.

He said that while such a journey can be a memorable experience, one should not try without ample cycling experience and fitness.

Cyclists may also encounter dangerous situations during the journey such as a flat tyre or cramps. 

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