Five ways to keep yourself safe online as Garda continue probe into horrific Sligo incidents

Gardai are continuing to investigate a pair of horrific incidents in Sligo which saw two men lose their lives.

Michael Snee, 58, and Aidan Moffitt, 41, were both found with “significant injuries” after they had been brutally attacked in recent days.

Gardai say they are keeping an open mind when it comes to the killings, but added they are probing whether there is “any hate-related motive” to the murders.

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In an update on Wednesday, gardai confirmed that two separate murder investigations were under way.

A spokesperson explained: “Gardai are also investigating whether Michael and Aidan met their attacker online. Meeting people online is a normal activity.

“Meeting people online should be a safe activity. But as with any online activity everybody should be aware of personal safety advice”

That advice is as follows:

  • Get a face picture from the person you intend to meet. Be very cautious of a person who doesn’t share a recent face picture with you, particularly after you have shared yours.

  • If they don’t want to share a face picture, consider asking them to go on a live video call (many apps have this option built in so you don’t have to share your mobile number).

  • Ask for their social media handles. Do you have friends in common on Instagram or Facebook? Be wary of new accounts with low follower count and few posts.

  • Let friends know where you’re going – send a text to a trusted friend or in a group chat, include your live location so you can be found if you need help.

  • Meet in a public place first. Take a few minutes to chat and feel confident you want to proceed before going somewhere private.

  • Think before accepting food or drink. Unless you’ve seen them prepare it – it’s best not to accept to avoid being spiked.

  • If an emergency unfolds, call 999. If something happens – report it!

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