Lynsey Bennett ‘over the moon’ as she shares positive update on ‘intense’ cancer treatment

Lynsey Bennett has shared some positive news on her cancer journey as she undergoes “intense” treatment in Germany.

The Longford native travelled abroad this week to spend five days at a specialist facility.

The mother-of-two shared how she had made great progress with the treatment as she continues to battle cancer after first being diagnosed in 2017.

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In an update to her 59,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday, Lynsey shared how she was “over the moon” with how things are going in Germany.

She said: “Day 3 of 5 today… full body hyperthermia today, the treatment that needs the most deep breaths in and out to stay in it for the 2 hours.

“Over the moon. My scan results, we’re good once again the path I am taking is one that truly works for me I just smile now when I think of it and feel safe in the belief of what I do….

“I have always said I work better with natural things and sure enough my sensitivity test came back with 12 natural compounds 10 of which were mostly in the 70% and 80% ranges of being sensitive to help me…Anything over 60% would be amazing to try so seeing 75 and 85 was a dream

“And so it’s opened many more treatments to try here. And this week is intense.

“These are treatments I would be allowed bring home if I had someone to help me get access to the vein.

“I knew had to ask the hospital at home for help even though I knew in my gut what answer would be when I asked before I came back here, asking about helping me with infusions I get here:

“’We can only infuse approved chemotherapies here due to Hospital insurance. We do not have the ability to infuse vitamins, supplements, or other complementary cancer therapies.’

“And I respect their hands are tied, but who’s aren’t? This is what I need to find out?”

She continued: “I need more than the amazing vit c and curcumin that’s now available in infusion places. I need someone available to put the different natural infusions that are tailored to my results.

“That I can bring home and have sent over to me. I need someone who can administer them.

Lynsey Bennett and her two children.
Lynsey Bennett and her two children.

It’s back to the drawing board? Who do I speak to then? Who has the power? Would Ireland leaders care?

“Have I proven enough the past 17months, that this line of alternative treatment works for me.? The funds for Germany will be gone and what does one do then? And I ask all these questions in a honestly respectful way.

“Centre of holistic excellence please Germany is an EU country does that mean there’s a chance ireland that we can have the same access to give us all a chance when other routes are exhausted?

“With much, love, belief and healing happy Wednesday beautiful world xx.”

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