Dublin Airport praised as ‘chaos’ winds down and queue time reaches new low

Dublin Airport queues have allegedly fallen to below thirty minutes as the influx of passengers heading through both terminals continues this Easter weekend.

Thousands of people are due to depart across the bank holiday, and thankfully the majority of commentary online is in praise of staff after a hectic few weeks.

Staff shortages sent things into chaos as the daa scrambled to redeploy employees to the capital to cope with the lenghty queues – which reached 4 hours at some points.

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Today some passengers are taking to Twitter to say they flew through security and check-in with incredible ease, and are praising staff for their efficiency in moving things along.

General queue times at peak hours dropping to around 30 minutes at most, marks a major milestone amid ongoing issues.

Speaking on Friday, daa spokesperson Graeme McQueen said: “Things are generally staying below 30 minutes, that’s what we want, we don’t want it going any higher than that.

“At times it has gone a little bit higher, just when it gets busier we have had to adjust staff so they’re in the right terminals and things like that at times.

“So, do expect it to be busy, when you arrive, just be prepared that things could take a wee bit longer still but be patient.

“We have lots of staff around, you can’t miss them, they’re in big high vis this weekend.”

Among the positive updates coming from passengers this morning was one who wrote: “Through security in 40 mins this morning at T1 very well organised for large amounts of passengers, well done Dublin Airport.”

Another said they were through security in as little as ten minutes: “Zoomed through security, We have three kids with us and zero hassle.

Dublin Airport praised as 'chaos' winds down and queue time reaches new low
Dublin Airport praised as ‘chaos’ winds down and queue time reaches new low

“We arrived at 10.45 and got to security just after 11 (had to check-in car seats). Straight through security in about ten minutes.

“Flight was at two. Apparently morning flights are worse but hopefully, you won’t be held up too long!”

Meanwhile, staff are also being praised for their handling of the situation in recent weeks, and one person today said: “Very positive experience at Dublin airport this morning. V helpful and efficient staff!”

Despite the vast improvement, a Dublin Airport spokesperson said: “Our recommendation is still to arrive up to 3.5 hours before your departure time.

“But also that passengers check with their airline in advance regarding check in/bag drop timings and factor those into their airport arrival time.”

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