Ed Sheeran tells RTE’s Ryan Tubridy he would ‘absolutely’ buy a house in Ireland – but under one condition

International superstar Ed Sheeran has said he never wants to forget his Irish heritage as he and his new family visit Ireland together for the first time.

The singer-songwriter is touring the country as part of a multi-city tour that will see him play gigs in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Belfast in the coming weeks.

The ‘Shape of You’ singer has already played gigs in Whelan’s and Vicar Street before appearing in Croke Park for two shows this weekend.

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Sheeran says this trip to Ireland is a “family affair” with his wife and, for the first time, his daughter joining him for the tour.

The UK star married his wife Cherry Seaborn in 2015 and the pair welcomed a daughter, Lyra Antarctica, in August 2020.

Speaking to RTE’s Ryan Tubridy on Thursday morning, the 31-year-old said he was feeling good after “playing two of my favourite venues in the entire world” in Dublin this week.

The musician is “feeling prepped and ready” for his Croke Park gigs, and said he is looking forward to playing some of his top hits as well as some unexpected songs to fans.

He said it was a Damien Rice gig in Dublin 20 years ago that prompted him to become a singer-songwriter as it was the moment he realised “that was something I could do”.

Sheeran’s paternal grandparents are Irish and he intends to meet relatives from across Ireland during his time here.

“It’s a family affair,” he said of his Irish tour.

Ed Sheeran, Cherry and Lyra
Ed Sheeran, Cherry and Lyra

“It’s nice for me with my new family, my wife and daughter, because I came here four times a year as a kid and I would always spend my birthday here.

“Just to show my daughter the culture that her family comes from is a really nice thing because she hasn’t been here yet, it’s the first time she’s been here.

“My wife has been to Ireland a few times but not for this extended period of time, so we’re actually going to be submerged here which is nice.”

Given his strong ties to Ireland and his love for the country, Tubridy then asked whether the singer would consider purchasing a holiday home here.

Sheeran responded: “Yeah, absolutely.

“The thing is if I had a place here, I probably wouldn’t tell people.

“This is such a special part of the world.

“It’s one of these things when, you know when you go to America and people are so in tune with their culture, even if they’re one-sixteenth something, they’re so in tune with it and I never want to lose that.

“[My Irish heritage] is such an integral part of my family, I don’t want to lose that.

“With my children, I want them to come back and experience the same things that I did.”

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