Ministers approve monthly payment of €400 for those hosting Ukrainian refugees

Ministers have approved a new monthly payment of €400 to people hosting Ukrainian refugees, pending Cabinet approval next Tuesday.

Coalition leaders and Ministers met at 3pm today and agreed to the payment during a wide-ranging discussion on accommodation and education for refugees.

A well-placed source said that it has not yet been agreed who will administer the payment, but it is likely to be Revenue or Welfare.

It will also have to be agreed how people can apply for it – whether it will be given as an automatic allocation to all who have accepted refugees.

The intention is that it would likely be a flat rate payment to minimise the logistical complexity of administering it – which would mean it would not vary depending on how many people were being homed, or where the property is in the country.

Another source said the payment will require legislation and it may take a few months to introduce.

Ministers also agreed to expedite garda vetting for households who voluntarily pledged a place. There are around 2,400 vacant properties that the Government is hoping to make available for use, a source said.

Ministers also discussed measures to discuss charities returning with unaccompanied minors.

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