Sinn Féin feels the momentum of Stormont victory

In US politics they call it “the Big Mo” – momentum. The intangible but priceless political quality that if generated at the right point in a campaign can deliver the presidency to a candidate and power to his or her party. Get the Big Mo at the right time and you’re unstoppable. And in the wake of the party’s poll-topping performance in last week’s Stormont elections, Sinn Féin can feel it beginning to rev up.

“What’s the value of the win?” asks one Sinn Féin figure, before answering their own question. “It’s a Sinn Féin win. It’s a Sinn Féin win with Mary Lou and Michelle at the centre of it. That’s a whole set of images and ideas about Sinn Féin . . . and we can say, ‘this is what we’re about in the South’.”

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