Nurse put pain killing patches on sons before stabbing them, court hears

A woman put multiple pain killing patches on her two infant sons before stabbing them in their necks and bodies, Antrim Crown Court has heard.

The jury also heard that the 41-year-old “highly qualified nurse”, who is on trial for the murder and attempted murder of her two sons, wrote several notes on the day she stabbed the boys, writing in one that she gave them medication because “she didn’t want them to experience pain”.

Before the prosecution opened the trial, Judge Patricia Smyth advised the jury they should be “prepared to hear evidence that may upset you” and asked them to set aside any sympathy, prejudice or emotion and assess the evidence calmly.

The accused, who cannot be identified in order to protect the youngest victim and her other children, is accused of murdering her 2½-year-old son and attempting to murder her 11-month-old on March 2nd, 2020.

Judge Smyth said “there is no dispute” that the defendant stabbed the children and that “what is in dispute is her mental state at the relevant time”.

Prosecution QC Charles MacCreanor said that while doctors found that the woman does suffer from a form of personality disorder, he told the jury they would hear evidence from treating doctors who said the accused was “feigning symptoms and malingering”.

“In simple terms, in my words, she was putting it on, making it up, fabricating the complaints and while some of what she said is or could be accurate, she is considered to be unreliable in the history that she gave,” he said.

“We naturally say that there is a compelling case here and evidence before you of the defendant committing murder and attempted murder.”

The trial continues.

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