P1 registration for 2023 will open on June 29, non-priority places doubled, Latest Singapore News

Primary 1 registration for 2023 will open on June 29, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Thursday (May 19).

The registration exercise will be conducted online – as it has been for the last two years – and there will not be any in-person registration at schools, said MOE on its website.

This year, more Primary 1 places will be set aside from the next registration exercise to take in children who do not qualify for priority admission.

The number of places reserved for this group will be doubled to 40, MOE announced last year.

Under the latest changes, each primary school will have to allocate 40 spots to pupils with no links under Phase 2C of the annual exercise.

In Phase 2C, priority is given to those who live nearby.

Since 2014, when MOE decided to set aside 20 places a year for Phase 2C, competition has intensified, the ministry has said.

Last year, one in three schools had to undergo balloting in Phase 2C for Singaporeans living within 1km of the school, up from one in four schools that balloted in the same category in 2014.

This year, MOE will combine Phase 2A(1) and Phase 2A(2).

This means children whose parents are in the alumni association will not have priority above those who have parents or siblings who used to study in the school.

They will now compete in the same phase.

Phases and key dates

Phase 1

For children with older siblings currently enrolled in the school of their choice.

All children registered under this phase are guaranteed places in the schools.

Starts at 9am on Wednesday, 29 June and ends at 4.30pm on Thursday, 30 June

Phase 2A

For children who has a parent or sibling who is a former student of the primary school, including those who have joined the alumni association of the primary school.

Also for children who has a parent who is a member of the School Advisory or Management Committee or a staff member of the primary school.

Includes children from the MOE Kindergarten within the primary school.

Starts at 9am on Wednesday, 6 July and ends on 4.30pm on Friday, 8 July.

Results: July 18

Phase 2B

For parents who are volunteers at the school, those endorsed by the church or clan directly connected to the school and those endorsed as active community leaders.

Opens at 9am on Tuesday, July 19 to 4.30pm on Wednesday, July 20

Results: July 26

Phase 2C

For eligible children who have not yet got a place in a primary school.

Opens at 9am on Wednesday, July 27 and ends at 4.30pm on Friday, July 29

Results: Aug 10.

Phase 2C (Supplementary)

For those who did not register in Phase 2C.

Opens at 9am on Monday, August 15 and ends at 4.30pm on Tuesday, August 16

Results: Aug 25

MOE will notify parents of the results via SMS.

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