RTE Conversations With Friends viewers ecstatic as Derry Girls star and comedian makes appearance in new series

RTE Conversation With Friends viewers were left stunned after a familiar Derry Girls actor made an appearance in the show.

Fans were left amazed after Tommy Tiernan revealed his role in the new series as main character Frances’ dad.

Derry Girls viewers had just bid farewell to the final episode of the much-loved show when the first episode of Conversation With Friends made its debut.

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The audience was overjoyed that Tommy would be sticking around on their screens as part of the new series for a little more time.

Tommy Tiernan
Tommy Tiernan

Tommy, who plays Erin’s father Gerry in Derry Girls, won the hearts of the nation by playing the innocent dad who just can’t seem to do right by his father-in-law no matter how hard he tries.

Taking to Twitter to express their delight at Tommy’s TV comeback, one person wrote: “Semi related: seeing Tommy Tiernan pop up in Conversations with Friends as Frances’ dad made me screech “Gerry!” at the top of lungs like Ma Mary (such is your reach @TaraLynneONeil1!). Sorry Tommy, you’ll forever be Gerry Quinn to me now, I don’t make the rules!”

A second said: “Can’t say I feel hugely compelled to watch another episode of #conversationswithfriends. The Tommy Tiernan cameo was the only scene that made me sit up and pay attention – and the only glimmer of something interesting going on…”

While a third said: “Turned on #ConversationswithFriends after #derrygirlsfinale and seeing Tommy Tiernan here as well, what a superb actor! I really hope he keeps doing it, he’s fab!”

“Seeing Tommy Tiernan in both Derry Girls and Conversations with Friends proved to me just how talented an actor he is.

“Phenomenal performances”, commented a fourth.

A fifth said: “Between his appearances on both Derry Girls and Conversations With Friends, Tommy Tiernan’s acting is sorely underrated.”

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