About 100 videos of helpful acts uploaded on TikTok as part of HDB’s good neighbours challenge, Latest Singapore News

Holding the lift door open for other users, keeping corridors clean and tidy, and sharing of food were among some of the neighbourly acts featured in video submissions for a challenge launched by the Housing Board in April.

Helpful acts were displayed in almost 100 videos uploaded on video-sharing platform TikTok as part of the #OurGoodNeighbours challenge, which aims to increase awareness of the importance of good neighbourly ties.

Of the video submissions, 23 were given special recognition at the launch ceremony of the annual HDB Community Week on Saturday (May 28). Other projects under different initiatives to strengthen relationships between neighbours were also recognised at the event. Recipients were given certificates or vouchers or cash. 

Minister for National Development Desmond Lee, who was at the event at the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh, said heartland estates were integral in fostering strong and cohesive communities.

“To truly forge strong communities, we also need to actively encourage mixing – especially through ground-up active citizenry and good neighbourliness,” he said.

Outstanding projects from the Lively Places Programme, which encourages residents to spearhead community-driven initiatives to encourage bonding in community public spaces in the heartland, were also showcased at the ceremony.

One such project is Good Neighbours Great Sharing, which transformed the rooftop of the Kampung Admiralty housing complex in Woodlands to a community garden space by planting passion fruit vines on steel pillars. This initiative, which was completed in February 2022, was led by resident Doris Yuen, 63.

The retired administrative assistant said: “Most of the residents are elderly, so we thought that plants and greenery would uplift their moods and allow them to de-stress.

“There are stubborn neighbours who will close their door on you, but I still try to help and include them since we will be living together for a long time.”

The project team also organised workshops for residents on growing vegetables, such as bell peppers and chilli, in pots.

In 2021, there were 18 such community projects rolled out under the Lively Places Programme. Since its launch in 2016, the programme has disbursed close to $850,000 to fund around 270 community projects that have reached over 100,000 residents.

Over 700 volunteers and organisations from the Friends of Our Heartlands network were also recognised. Among them, students from West Spring Primary were commended for organising virtual cooking sessions for residents and seniors.

The volunteering programme was launched by HDB in 2017. To date, the network, which comprises almost 14,000 volunteers, has reached out to over 158,000 residents through various activities and courses.

The 10th edition of HDB Community Week runs till June 5. The public can sign up for daily virtual workshops covering topics such as health and eco-living.

To find out more about HDB Community Week 2022 and register for virtual workshops, visit the HDB InfoWEB.

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