He Ting Ru greeted Queen Elizabeth during Her Majesty’s visit to Singapore in 1989

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While the world is still mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth, it brings back fond memories for Workers’ Party Member of Parliament He Ting Ru as she was fortunate to meet Her Majesty during her visit to Singapore in 1989.

Back then it was the late Queen’s second visit to the Republic, the first being in 1972, and the third and final visit in 2006. In 1989, the Queen visited Ang Mo Kio, Tanjong Pagar and the Kranji War Memorial in Singapore.

She was just six-years-old and had just returned from school when her mother informed her and her sister that they ‘were going to see the Queen’. Despite being surrounded by many of her curious Singaporeans that were keen to get a glimpse of the Queen, He was blessed to find herself through the crowd and presented with the opportunity to greet Her Majesty.

“We arrived at Ang Mo Kio Town Centre and saw lots of people had gathered, and that she was visible from a distance, surrounded by security. But they let us two little girls through, clutching our flowers that we had brought to give to her,” said He in a Facebook posting.

“As we approached, a thought bobbed into my head of a picture in one of my books where a King and Queen had to be properly greeted. I hastily handed her the flower, and then awkwardly dipped a curtesy to welcome her to Singapore – you can just about see my attempt here in the photo.

“She was gracious and warm to two little girls who went away with a deep impression that girls too, could be heads of state and guests of honour, and that we too could have a place amongst important men who decided big things.”

Paying her tribute to the Queen whose reign lasted for seventy years, the Sengkang GRC added, “Saddened to hear about the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Although a reluctant monarch, hers was a long life spent in tireless service with dignity and grace to fulfill her duty to her people, and a life well lived.”

“She never put herself first, but was instead dedicated to what she saw as the institutions and values that mattered dearly to her.”

In the posting the WP MP also included that the Queen’s reign as Head of State in a changing world was a remarkable one, from the crumbling of an empire to the rise of nation states. Her presence as a constant figure through changing and trying times will be missed.Follow us on Social Media

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